Organised by NTU Cultural Activities Club (CAC) Orientation Committee, ENIGVERSE, a Transition and Orientation Programme (TOP) aims to give NTU freshmen from all faculties an amazing yet thrilling experience to kickstart your dull year into something more meaningful!

ENIGVERSE, our very own 4D3N programme will be held from 3rd to 6th August 2017. You may dread seeing it as 4 days but before you know it, you would be lamenting at it being “only four days?!”. Doubt you’ll think that way? Well, we would say, don’t make assumptions too soon! 😉

This year’s theme would be DETECTIVE! There will definitely be loads of mind-boggling and challenging games for you freshmen to work together and solve the mystery case. Hope you’ve been following our weekly articles!

At the end of the day, the bonds forged between you and your team mates are the ones nobody can never forget! Like what you hear, relationships last longer as people overcome obstacles together. ENIGVERSE will leave you replaying the experience in your head over and over again!

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Enigverse is a thrilling detective 4 days Freshmen Orientation Programme organised by NTU Cultural Activities Club. Join forces with your fellow NTU freshmen to solve a murder case involving one of the top Enigverse Corporation shareholders. Crack the case before the rest and bring the true criminal to justice!

Don’t let the trail go cold….

Since its inauguration in 1991, the Nanyang Technological University Cultural Activities Club (CAC) has grown into one of the largest student bodies on campus and has attained considerable popularity and recognition from the public as a staunch advocate of the performing arts.

This recognition is underlined by the fact that the CAC is an umbrella organization for no less than 22 member clubs and that it manages numerous large-scale projects such as the well-received NTU Nationwide Talent search – Impresario and the annual Nanyang Arts Festival, NTU’s very own version of the Singapore Arts Festival.

Every year, we see more than 500 students joining the CAC family, pursuing their passion in performing arts and event management roles. Besides having new faces joining our big family, we also have many graduating students joining our young group of Alumnus while embarking on their next stage of pursuit.

With its extensive influence on campus, the CAC has been officially recognized as a non-academic constituent club, being one of the four largest students’ organizations in NTU.

Interested to know more about CAC’s Special Projects, Support Committees & Member Clubs?

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1) Why choose CAC Freshmen Orientation?
CAC is one of the four largest non-academic constituent clubs on campus that accepts freshmen from all faculties in NTU. If you are keen to know peers out of your course / faculty and broaden your network, CAC camp is certainly the choice for you to forge such unforgettable friendships!

2) Do I need to know how to play instruments or dance to join the camp?
Of course not, CAC camp does not require you to be artsy or musically trained. As long as you desire to make new friends, have a great start to your university life and / or want to know more about CAC, you’re 50% ready to join us!

3) I am a senior/graduate from NTU. Can I join the camp as a freshman?
Sorry, we do not authorize the acceptance of seniors or graduates into our camp as freshmen. The main purpose of the CAC Freshmen Orientation is to ease the freshmen of NTU into campus life. You’re welcome to join the camp next year as part of the organizing committee!

4) Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the camp?
Participation fee for the camp is free. However, participants are required to pay a welfare fund for their own meals and etcetera. Once the registration is confirmed, food orders arrangements and etcetera will be made in advance. Thus, please note that a refund of the welfare fund is not possible.

5) What is the overall aim of this camp?
We hope that through this Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP) – Enigverse, freshmen would get to know new friends as they begin university through a shared camp experience. Also, another objective is to familiarize freshmen with the new school compound which they will be spending the next few years in.

6) What are some of the activities I will get to enjoy if I join the camp?
We have various activities that will orientate you around the NTU campus to familiarize you with the school before the start of your exciting university life. There are school games and more! These activities will definitely be fun and interactive to ensure that you will be able to mingle and make new friends. Some activities may require some physical work on your part. However, do know that you can (and should) inform your group leaders if you feel unwell at any time. Your safety is paramount. Our helpful seniors are around for you to rely on not just during camp, but in NTU too.

7) I am a freshman going to NUS, SMU or other universities. Many of my friends are joining your camp, would I be able to join as well?
The main objective of orientation camps is to broaden freshmen’s social circles and to familiarise them with the new school compound. As such, we would strongly advise that you join your university’s camp to know more about the school that you will be attending.

8) How do I register for the camp?
Registration will be open in June 2017. Please fill in the registration form found under the “CAMP REGISTRATION” tab above.  Stay updated by LIKE-ing us on our Facebook page !

9) What are the contact points between the organising committee and me?
It is vital that you provide your contact number and email address in the registration form as these are our modes of contact with you. We will contact you via phone / email on matters regarding your application status and etcetera.

10) When is the camp?
The camp will be held from 3rd to 6th August 2017, Thursday to Sunday. It will be an exciting journey!

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairperson, Angie at [email protected]


Contact: Angie at [email protected]


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